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Hey there!

If you have already looked at our portfolio, you’re probably asking what kind of photographers we are right? The simple answer is, we are major life event photographers! When I first started this business I only wanted to specialize in wedding photography, until brides of mine were falling pregnant and having babies.

So I thought why don’t I make it really complicated for myself and specialize in a few different areas, that is exactly what I did! Do you know why? Because being a part of someone’s special day is amazing.. but whats even better is sharing in those moments such as pregnancy, newborn, first birthdays and family portraits. I get to see families being made and tell the “whole” story, not just one day. I get to build a close relationship with my clients and be their “forever” photographer and that is unbelievably amazing!

So if you’re getting married please read on, otherwise check out my other pages for information on other services I offer.


High fives on getting yourself engaged now the fun bit starts, planning your dream day! You’ve definitely come to the right place!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I work this dream job.

Ever since I was little I’ve always had a camera strapped around my shoulder, being able to shoot a moment and freeze that forever in a photograph is something that is really special to me, able to look back at that picture and be able to feel that emotion you had is something I consider pretty rad!

Why shoot weddings you ask?

Yes there are bride-zillas and something always goes wrong but the way I see it is, I get too see and capture peoples most raw feelings, I get to share the best day of people’s lives and be able to give them the most special gift of all, photos and moments that they can treasure forever, and let’s face it weddings are one big party! A day filled with love and laughter where you get to marry your best friend.

I have a very relaxed shooting style I don’t believe in these photographers dragging the bride and groom around giving them directions and orders on how to smile, I capture genuine emotions and tell your unique love story through my lens. My aim of the game is to build a strong relationship with every couple, so that when it comes around to wedding day its like we are all great friends hanging out all day. Being comfortable and having a connection with your photographer is so important! They are the ones who ride your roller coaster of emotions all day with you, they are also the ones who make you genuinely laugh to get that perfect photo. (Well you just hit the jackpot because I am super funny and have the best jokes…)(most of the time)

I’ve told you my story and now its time for you to tell me yours!

Let’s do this!

Mon x


If you book me for a special moment in your life, I am going to be learning a lot about you. Therefore, I have added a short introduction about what I love and the things that make me, me!


Yes!!! I’m a crazy dog mum! These are my two fur babies Gizmo and Beans. Gizmo and Beans are Whippets and they are my life. So if you have a dog.. GUESS WHAT, we just became best friends.


I am a tattoo collector. I love tattoos and what they represent, every bit of ink I have holds close meaning to me. I have cameras on my arm (of course) My favourite piece would have to be the one I have for my younger brother who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis (shitty disease). Every year on his birthday I add a Rose to represent another year of him fighting.

I love to read books and traveling. If I’m not traveling somewhere exciting and new, I’m deep in a book that allows me to travel without ever having to leaving my bedroom.

Last but not least! I have my own love story, It’s quite funny how me met actually.. We are a good old tinder love story! I say to him all the time, “Babe, I knew you were the one when I was swiping through and we matched!” (I know what you’re thinking.. how super romantic, RIGHT?) Ever since the day we met, we have been inseparable. Who would have thought I would find the love of my life on tinder? Not me!

There you go, now you know a bunch of information about me. I would love to learn more about you and your personal love story. Drop me an email below and let’s get too it!


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