Family Portraits

Welcome to Willow and Finch Photography! Yes we are a wedding photography company but also shoot family portraits. If your family consist of 3 to even 12 we would love to meet you! A little bit about how we shoot family portraits. First of all I ask you to bring a big bag of goodies! (especially if you have young children) We want to set a scene for the shoot, so if your young son loves Lego and his teddy bear I say bring the Lego and teddy bear and lets get creative! (also bring snacks for the little people) I think you can agree as parents that your favorite photos of your children or child are not the ones where they are saying “cheese” to the camera, but the ones where they are laughing so hard or off playing.

I like to get down in the dirt and have a bit of a play before I start a shoot, make the children feel comfortable with me. I worked in childcare for 5 years before I became a photographer so I definately know how a 2 year old can go from happy to tantrum in 0.001 seconds! I’m always prepared with bubbles and other distracting items! I shoot very naturally, so most of the time I’ll ask you to just have a play with your children, sing songs and tickle!

So let’s shoot these family portraits that so desperately need to be updated!


Here Are A Few Family’s We Have Met..

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