Maternity & Newborn


First of all congrats gorgeous mummy to be! Weather this is your 1st,2nd or 5th baby exciting and sleepless nights lay ahead for you! Are you thinking of getting Maternity and Newborn photos done? Ff so you have come to the right place. Now I know what your thinking…. Monique I feel like this big balloon there is no way I want to get photos of me looking like this! Pregnancy glow is a thing ladies and I know you might not think that but this is the time to embrace it. There is nothing more beautiful than a proud mum to be showing of her bump! So in saying that lets chat as Maternity and Newborn Packages are only $580 for both shoots!


Arhhh newborn photography! There is honestly nothing sweeter than being able to pose a tiny little newborn. At Willow and Finch we do newborn photos a little bit different to everyone else, yes there is nothing cuter than a newborn baby in cute little beanies and outfits but we go for a more natural look. We understand how difficult it can be within the first 4-10 days after bub is born, the stress of trying to get a routine in order for feeding and sleeping and the worry of having to leave the house to go into a foreign place or studio to get photos done.


So instead we take all that stress away and come to you in your home instead. We work around bubs feed and sleep times for the shoot to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. If you’re wondering what life style newborn portraits are let me tell you describe a shoot for you. We will come to your home after bub has just had a feed and is what we like to call “milk drunk”, we will find a place in your home with the best natural light and shoot there. We will do a few newborn poses, then ill ask mum,dad,brother sister or who every else is in the family to come in the frame for some photos. I have found over the years shooting this way creates more natural moments and produce better quality photos, Bub and mum are always more comfortable in familiar surroundings and the shoots always work with ease.

Have a look at the album’s below and some of the gorgeous little newborns we have met recently.


Birth Photography

I got asked to shoot a birth recently and oh my goodness it was the most amazing experience I have had to date! I wont lie when i got the request I was very undecided if I would do it, and my godness I am super glad I did, what a roller coaster of emotions I felt shooting this birth. I am absolutely amazed at what the female body can do. If you are a first time mummy or already one have a look at these photos I took through the birth or little Koda. Koda’s mum also wrote about her experience with having me while giving birth.


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