Gear I Use

Here is the collection of items that I use every single day, no matter what what kind of shoot I am working on. “You’re probably thinking wooo Monique that’s a lot of technology, I don’t understand!” Don’t worry, let me break it down for you.

Digital Cameras:

2 x Nikon D810, 1 x Nikon D610, pentax 35mm

“Why do you have so many cameras you ask?”…simple.. We all can relate to how technology some times doesn’t want to work! So having back up cameras means I wont ever get caught with my pants down… so to speak.

Nikon Lenses:

Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 (Perfect for those real up close detailed shots, eg rings, flowers. Also use this one when i’m shooting gorgeous little newborn to get all those fine features)

Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 ( The 50mm is a great portrait and all around lens! Perfect to get great aperture *Blurred Background*)

Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8e ED VR ( This lens is so sharp and perfect for those landscape portrait photos we all love! Also great for up close detailed images)

Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II ( This lens is my baby and my secret weapon! I shoot 70% of the time with this one! This lens is an absolute work of art… Great for aperture and compression.


17″ MacBook Pro

21″ MacBook Desktop

(you guessed it! I love Apple.. and yes I have an iPhone as well)


2x Sandisk extreme pro 128G

4x Sandisk extreme pro 32G

2x Seagate Backup Plus 2TB

(Storage is super important! As soon as I finish a wedding I always come home and back up the files on 3 different avenues. This avoids any human error an loose of photos)


(how to edit your images:

Abobe creative Cloud (Photoshop, Light room)

Other Important Items:

Nikon Speed light SB910 Flash (This bad boy comes out when the sun goes down)

Hold Fast Money Maker (My fancy pants camera holster that lets me sling 2-3 cameras off me at once)

Spare Batteries (Can never have too many of these)

Congratulations you just got a short lesson on photography equipment! Here at Willow and Finch Photography we keep up to date with the latest technology to ensure we are always on top of our game. We take pride in our equipment and always have them serviced (cameras are similar to your car, they need to be  serviced as well) This guarantees that on your special day we will be ready to go!

UBS’s and Packaging

Here at Willow and Finch Photography we use top of the line, hand crafted Wooden UBS’s. This ensures you receive your images at a high standard and quality. Your USB will be packed into a Hessian bag, which is tied off with twine which adds the finishing touch.


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