Weddings & Engagements

Congratulations on getting engaged! Now the fun stuff begins!

Choosing the perfect venue, celebrant, dress… and of course a photographer! Picking your photographer should be just as important as picking your dress. This person is sharing the most special day of your life! They will be with you every step of the way, from when you’re getting your makeup done.. to the melt down putting the dress on.. They’ll see the tears of frustration and the tears of complete joy. Choosing your photographer is such a critical part of how your day will run ( not to put any pressure on you or anything ). You need to have a connection with this person, so choose wisely! Here at Willow and Finch Wedding Photography we have seen it all! ( Believe me ) With our years of experience in shooting weddings we are well equipped to handle anything the day may throw at you. We get how personal this experience is and we pride ourselves on forming a close relationship before you walk down that isle, with face to face meetings and location prep.

Now here is what you really wanted to know! How much is this going to cost me? I want to put something to you… Photography budgets always seem to be very tight! As is anything when planning a wedding! But at the end of the day think about this… you never go back to that venue again.. all the food and alcohol is consumed.. that dress you’ll never wear again! One thing you’ll be able to do forever and over and over again is to look back on your photos. We capture every single detail, feeling and emotion and create a beautiful hand made album for you. When you look back on your photos you should be able to feel every single thought and feeling that was flooding your mind, and this is what we do at Willow and Finch Wedding Photography. So lets plan this wedding!

Are you getting married overseas or eloping and wondering if we travel?

The answer to that question is HELL YES we do! We love traveling to new places and guess what? We offer heavily discounted rates for destination weddings.. in other words TAKE US WITH YOU! Here are some rad locations we will be heading to this year to shoot some weddings.

Airlie Beach – August 2018

New York City – October 2018

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